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Systemair RVK  Fan

Systemair RVK Fan

Systemair RVK Series A1 In line Fans (plastic case) and L1 In Line High Power Fans (plastic case).
Speed-controllable. Integral thermal contacts, Can be installed in any position and Maintenance-free and reliable. The RVK series is designed for installation in ducts. The fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The FK mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal, and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct. The fans can be speed-controlled via a stepless thyristor or a 5-step transformer. The casing is manufactured from fibreglass reinforced plastic.

RVK100 A1   175 m3/h  
RVK125 A1   225 m3/h  
RVK150 A1   420 m3/h 
RVK200 A1   750 m3/h 
RVK250 A1   780 m3/h 
RVK315 A1   1300m3/h 

RVK125 L1   410 m3/h 
RVK150 L1   680 m3/h 
RVK200 L1   950 m3/h 
RVK250 L1   1000 m3/h 
RVK315 L1   1800 m3/h 

 Code     Systemair RVK Fan
 0159   RVK100 A1     65  
 0160   RVK125 A1     70  
 0161   RVK150 A1     78  
 0165   RVK125 L1     76  
 0166   RVK150 L1    96  
 0162   RVK200 A1     96  
 0167   RVK200 L1     116  
 0168   RVK250 L1    126  
 0163   RVK250 A1     100  
 0164   RVK315 A1     160  
 0169   RVK315 L1     200  
 0170   100mm Fan Mounting Bracket    10  
 0171   125mm Fan Mounting Bracket    10  
 0172   150mm Fan Mounting Bracket    10  
 0173   200mm Fan Mounting Bracket    10  
 0174   250mm Fan Mounting Bracket    10  

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